The Monumental Missionary Baptist Church was organized March 3, 1969, in the home of the Rev. Olee Sutton his wife Burnell Sutton at 3163 North 14th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The original members were the Rev., Olee Sutton, his wife Burnell, his daughters, Ruby and Gwensolyn, and thier son Donny Ray Sutton.  Mr. Billie Heard, his sons Dennis and David.  Mr. Willie Hawthorn, his wife Lydia, and his son Willie Jr., and their daughters Melody, Janice, Jackie and Claudette.

The Property at 1201-10 W, Atkinson was purchased July 5, 1969, The first service was held on August 3, 1969.  Pastor and Mrs Sutton moved into the upstairs apartment in July of 1969 to help pay the expenses of the young congregation.

In 1969 Monumental Baptist Church affiliated with the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  In 1973 Monumental affiliated with the Lakeland Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

On January 30, 1987 we pruchased the land at 2407 West North Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the new building.  On October 15, 1989 we were blessed by God to motorcade from 1210 West Atkinson to our present location at 2407 W North Ave..  Our dedication services wre held October 30, 1989 thourgh November 5, 1989.

In January 1999 a Pastoral search committee was established.  Pastor sutton Sutton retired July 31, 1999.  In November 28,1999 our new and current pastor Rrev. Roy C. Watson and first Lady Sharon Watson were installed as our new leaders.

Monumental is an expression of determination, discipleship, hope, and faith. Our founder Reverend Olee L. Sutton, dreamed that our presence in this community would be a place of refuge for the downtrodden and spiritually hungry. He evisioned that our edifice would anchor the corner where it stands, a stronghold for the neighborhood. The very shape of the building is expressive of a mountain that protects and watches over the surrounding community just as a lighthouse serves as a beacon of light leading boats to shore. We at Monumental are “Fishers of Men” reeling in souls for Christ as we seek to keep the dream alive.